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Is Fraud the Real Culprit for Wasted Ad Spend?

by Zarnaz Arlia May 17th, 2017

Ad fraud wastes billions in marketing budgets each year. The best solution brands can employ is investing more in customer identity to ensure they are reaching the right people. Read Full Article

How Strong is Your Customer Graph?

by Peggy Liao May 11th, 2017

A connected customer graph offers marketers the ability to establish a comprehensive, up-to-date, and reliable view of their customers. This 360-degree view allows marketers to not only identify and target high-value prospects; it gives them the foundation for continued customer satisfaction as their relationship grows with customers after the first conversion. Read Full Article

Follow the Lead of Tourney Winners, Ensure Your Team Is on Same Page

by Jason Masini March 16th, 2017

Marketing teams can connect better with their customers and each other when everyone is using the same playbook, just like the best teams in the basketball tournament. Read Full Article

Personalization Begins and Ends with the Quality of Your Data

by Jason Masini February 24th, 2017

According to a recent eMarketer study, almost three-quarters of retailers in North America have listed “Personalization” as their #1 priority for 2017. Better data through marketing analytics can be the solution to create better customer relationships. Read Full Article

A Strong Marketing Analytics Playbook Leads to a Winning Team

by Jason Masini February 01st, 2017

The Falcons and Patriots need a solid game plan to win Sunday’s game. Neustar’s GameDay Playbook can make your business a winner using marketing analytics. Read Full Article