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Boosting Identity Data Quality to Increase Marketing ROI

by Joe Ariganello June 24th, 2015

It's your biggest time of the year. And you and your team are running on all cylinders. Your ad agency came up with a killer campaign and you're ready to deliver it to customers and prospects to drive them back to your site, your store, or your call center to make that purchase. But you wait. And wait. Why isn't anyone coming? Read Full Article


The Neustar and Salesforce Story: Integrated Onboarding for Relevant Marketing

by Lisa Joy Rosner June 17th, 2015

I’m thrilled to announce that today, Neustar has begun a strategic partnership with Salesforce to bring personalized advertising to a higher scale than ever before. By integrating our Data Onboarding solution with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Active Audiences platform, we’ve empowered companies to align advertising, sales, service, and marketing in a whole new way. Read Full Article


Infographic: The Game of Screens

by Nikitas Magel June 16th, 2015

With the passage of time, it becomes increasingly crucial for companies to adopt new marketing technologies and develop new tactics to seize the attention of the consumer. With that in mind, Neustar examined the evolution of marketing technology and its push toward enabling true omni-channel consumer experiences. In this infographic, we've highlighted some intriguing statistics about marketing tech and the history of its heavy hitters. Read Full Article


7 Questions to Ask Your CRM Onboarding Partner

by Raashee Erry June 11th, 2015

We’ve been trained to think of CRM onboarding as the holy grail of personalized marketing. Once you’re able to ingest the data from IT (after months of effort) and get it on-boarded to a data platform (a battle won from privacy), it feels like you’ve won a coveted award. But in reality, it’s after the data is onboarded when the real work begins. Read Full Article


Webinar: How to Re-engage Hot Leads with OmniChannel ReMarketing

by Nikitas Magel June 08th, 2015

Businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to drive demand and leads. When campaign ROI hinges on maximizing lead conversion, it’s critical to re-engage non-converting leads with an effective remarketing strategy – or else you risk leaving revenue on the table. On Thursday, June 18 at 2:00pm EST, Neustar will host a webinar on how to use remarketing to maximize brand exposure, lead engagement, and ultimately conversion. Read Full Article