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UltraDNS Adds EDNS Support to Enhance Directional Routing

by Raymond February 17th, 2015

Neustar is continuously working to improve our UltraDNS network and services for our customers. As of Sunday, February 15th, Neustar enabled support for EDNS client-subnet requests on our authoritative UltraDNS service. Read Full Article

FAQs for SMBs: How Small and Medium Size Businesses Can Protect Against Cyberattack

by Glenn Yorkdale February 05th, 2015

Small and medium sized businesses often lack the budgets that larger companies have in protecting against cyberattack. Coupled with the fallacy that it’s primarily larger, higher profile organizations that get hacked, this has led to widespread vulnerability among smaller businesses. But there are steps these companies can—and should—take in reducing their vulnerability, all of whose benefits far outweigh their modest costs. Read Full Article

The Shape of Cyberthreats to Come: Rodney Joffe Speaks on 2015

by Tomás Hernandez January 08th, 2015

2014 was a year rife with news of large-scale security breaches of high-profile, global organizations. JPMorgan, eBay, Home Depot, the European Central Bank, and the U.S. Postal Service all appeared in headlines as targets of cyberattack. After all that cyber scandal, what more could possibly be in store for 2015? To answer that, I turned to Neustar’s resident expert, Senior Vice President and Fellow Rodney Joffe, who shared some intriguing tidbits about the current state of cyberthreats Read Full Article

Using the WPM Bulk Service Creation & Deletion Tool

by Tyler Fullerton December 31st, 2014

Often times I am tasked with configuring services and accounts on the Web Performance Management (WPM) platform to support Proof of Concepts (POC) for prospective customers. Sometimes this can be very easy, setting up a couple scripts and monitoring services while other times it can be quite complex. Read Full Article

DNS Tunneling part 2: How to identify and prevent tunneling

by Chris Beauregard November 04th, 2013

Learn how to proactively mitigate & prevent DNS Security breaches that have been accomplished through DNS Tunneling. Read Full Article