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Can Hybrid DDoS Mitigation Stop Large Application Layer Attacks?

by Bryant Rump April 11th, 2016

We recently received an email from a customer asking about hybrid DDoS mitigation and its ability to stop large application layer attacks. Here’s the truth: Hybrid DDoS mitigation works and can stop large application layer attacks. Read Full Article

451 Research Reports on Neustar’s Strategy to Integrate the Universe of IoT

by Tomás Hernandez April 08th, 2016

Running through every step of Neustar’s evolution as a company has been a single, common thread: our expertise as a neutral, authoritative provider of massively scaled identity registry services. Today, we see this foundation as a natural fit for yet another stage in our growth: developing registry services for the Internet of Things (IoT). Analyst group 451 Research recently took a close look at our strategy in this area and presented their findings in a report. Read Full Article

What Holds Firms Back from Choosing Cloud-Based External DNS?

by Tomás Hernandez March 31st, 2016

Cloud-based domain name server (DNS) technology has significant business advantages. Yet a majority of enterprises choose to keep their external DNS deployments on premise. To learn why, Neustar recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey a sample of midmarket and enterprise firms. The study measured their rates of external DNS deployment to the cloud and inquired into what either encouraged or discouraged such migrations. Read Full Article

Webinar: What You Need to Know About DDoS and How It Threatens Your Business

by Tomás Hernandez March 24th, 2016

DDoS attacks have been legitimized as a weapon of cyber warfare and are increasing used by those with sinister motives in conjunction with other nefarious activities including breach, theft, and destruction. Join us on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 1:00 PM ET, Dark Reading will host a Neustar-sponsored webinar to discuss the latest insights on attacks and trends, and ways you can better detect and defeat the DDoS threats to your business. Read Full Article

Holiday Threats Are Only Nine Months Away. Are You Ready?

by Tomás Hernandez March 17th, 2016

With warmer weather and longer days, spring is fast approaching. Year-end holidays are the furthest thing from the minds of most consumers. But now is actually the perfect time for online retailers to prepare their websites from breach or crash. Forrester Research recently outlined seven steps for security and risk professionals to protect their ecommerce websites from online threats as well as to recover quickly and minimize damage should a breach or failure occur. Read Full Article