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Five Tips for Enhanced DNS Reliability and Security

by Brendon Mitchell October 05th, 2015

Despite the constantly evolving threat of DNS attacks, many IT professionals are taking a status quo approach to DNS security and performance. But that could be a costly mistake. Five simple steps you can take will reduce the risk of website availability and security issues. Read Full Article

The Internet of Things Raises the Stakes on STEM Education

by Lisa Hook September 21st, 2015

There’s little doubt that the Internet of Things will provide numerous benefits and transform the way we interact with our world. But are we equipped as a country to build and run it? While the U.S. currently leads the world in innovating for IoT, we run the risk of falling behind because we’re unprepared to meet rising demand for the specialized talent it requires. Read Full Article

Holiday Load Testing: Self Service or Full Service?

by Donald Lee September 17th, 2015

In our continuing series of blog posts on holiday preparations you can do to protect your ecommerce platform, let’s take a look the options you have when it comes to executing external load tests on your ecommerce platform. Read Full Article

What Erodes Trust in Digital Brands?

by Tomás Hernandez August 25th, 2015

It’s no news that your website’s security is paramount to your business. But did you know how much security shapes the perception of your brand? And that’s not just when cyber-attacks and data breaches occur. That was one of the messages from a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, which Neustar sponsored to learn what people expect when they visit a website—and how those expectations affect their opinion of a brand. Read Full Article

Ten Cyberthreats Outside the Firewall

by Neustar Engineering August 20th, 2015

When most people think of cybersecurity, they think about passwords, firewalls, and hackers. But security vulnerabilities are not found exclusively in the cyber domain. Here is a list of ten current threats that can cause real damage to an organization’s bottom line, brand, and reputation—all of which exist outside of a company’s firewall. Read Full Article