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One Parent's Thoughts on Neustar's STEM Leadership Award

by Mark Jackley May 23rd, 2016

Neustar was honored last week at the STEM Education Leadership Awards presented by Nasdaq and EverFi. The award recognizes Neustar’s “significant efforts to improve STEM education and career readiness for students across North America.” As a Neustar employee, I’m happy about this. As a parent, I’m even happier. Read Full Article

Are Hospitals Taking the Hippocratic Oath in Cybersecurity?

by Travis Abercrombie May 19th, 2016

Hospitals now find themselves in the crosshairs of cyber-attackers bent on extortion or theft. Here are tips for securing healthcare systems, especially as the Internet of Things expands. Read Full Article

The Rumors Are True, IoT Makes Security Harder

by Mark Jackley April 27th, 2016

When does a rumor morph into fact? When it’s backed by numbers. Consider security research on the Internet of Things (IoT) reported separately this week by Gartner and Neustar. Combined, the findings further confirm what security professionals are chattering about: IoT is breeding a whole new set of challenges. Read Full Article

The World Awaits: IoT and the Global DDoS Arms Race

by Travis Abercrombie April 26th, 2016

Our first DDoS Report of 2016 is aptly named: The Threatscape Widens: DDoS Aggression and the Evolution of IoT Risks. The title accurately reflects what’s taking place in the global battle against DDoS attacks. Although DDoS attacks are hardly new, the broad and global scope of disaster that they leave in their wake is truly devastating—and consequential. Read Full Article

After Reading this Report, You’ll Want to Check Your Fraud Defenses

by Mark Jackley April 22nd, 2016

Last October, banks started issuing chip-enabled “smart” credit cards. Last October, banks started issuing chip-enabled “smart” credit cards but “card not present” fraud has jumped 11 percent, according PYMNTS.com. Read Full Article