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Just Enough Is Good Enough: The Profile of Multi-vector Attacks

by Neustar Engineering February 29th, 2016

During RSA Conference 2016, Neustar will preview some findings from our upcoming Security Operations Center (SOC) Report. The report chronicles attacks that the Neustar SOC team spotted and mitigated in 2015. As part of a three-part series covering different aspects of the SOC findings, this blog post profiles multi-vector attacks, a troubling trend on the rise. Read Full Article

Opportunists in the Woodwork: Security Exploits on the Internet of Things

by Neustar Engineering February 17th, 2016

It is estimated that there will be some 212 billion IoT devices by the year 2020. The unfortunate reality is that with every great technological shift, there will be new avenues for abuse, theft, and mischief. In fact, there are new exploits that are already impacting the Internet of Things and shaping the strategies of cyberattacks against it. Read Full Article

Is DNS the Rodney Dangerfield of Your Cybersecurity Strategy?

by Travis Abercrombie February 02nd, 2016

Rodney Dangerfield was known for his comedic timing, crazy facial expressions, and catch phrase that seemingly resonated with everybody: “I get no respect.” In that same vein, the domain name system (DNS) is perhaps the single-most important entity of the Internet that goes underappreciated, unnoticed… and unsecured. The good news is that you can protect your business and DNS from threats. Read Full Article

In 2016—and Beyond—It’ll Be All About the Data

by Tomás Hernandez January 06th, 2016

Late in 2015, an announcement was made that raised very little fanfare in the mainstream media: Google was open-sourcing its artificial intelligence (AI) engine, TensorFlow. The move might be seen as just another example of the search giant’s championing universal access to innovative source code. But underneath the surface the implications are far more reaching. Read Full Article

The Cyber Stickup

by Travis Abercrombie November 18th, 2015

The Wild West evokes images of Conestoga wagons, saloons, stick-up kids, and the inevitable quick-draw duel between cops and robbers. Fast forward three centuries, and that same struggle still plays out daily– but this time the uncharted territory is the Internet, and the stickup kids are hackers whose weapons of choice are distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Read Full Article