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DNS Hijacking and Phishing

by Raymond April 01st, 2015

Over the last few months, a number of high-profile companies have been hit by cyber attack, including Twitter, Lenovo, The New York Times, and The Huffington Post. In some cases, known hacker groups, such as the Syrian Electronic Army or Lizard Squad, used two well-known techniques to penetrate the victimized systems: DNS hijacking and phishing. But several solutions available on the market today could have prevented, halted, or minimized damage from the attacks. Read Full Article


EU DDoS Attacks: Increasing Investments, Evolving Strategies

by Nikitas Magel March 31st, 2015

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in the EU are becoming increasingly more frequent, expensive, and sophisticated. While that in itself may not be a big revelation, what is news is how forward-thinking companies have boosted their investments and enhanced their strategies to better defend against cyberattack. Read Full Article


Neustar Responds to FCC Action on Local Number Portability Administrator

by Todd Wilms March 27th, 2015

For the last 18 years, Neustar has served as the nation’s Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA). The contract for that service is soon coming to an end. Today, the FCC announced that it has adopted an order to permit negotiations to turn that contract over to Telcordia, a subsidiary of Ericsson, to serve as the next LNPA. Read Full Article


How Are Banks Fighting the War on Fraud?

by Nikitas Magel March 11th, 2015

Neustar recently sponsored a survey with American Banker of over 230 top senior financial executives within fraud mitigation or risk assessment. Find out how these top financial executives are fighting fraud on numerous fronts by viewing our survey and research results in the newly released Neustar whitepaper, "How Are Banks Fighting the War on Fraud?" Read Full Article


Webinar: DDoS Attacks—More Dangerous to You, Never Easier to Launch

by Nikitas Magel March 04th, 2015

Learn about the complexity and purpose behind today’s DDoS attacks and what you can do to defend your Internet presence. Join Neustar Product Marketing Manager, Joe Loveless, and Program Director for the Infrastructure Security Services research practice at IDC, Christina Richmond, as they discuss the state of today's DDoS attack landscape. Read Full Article