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Neustar Customer Expands Business to 175 Countries

by Nikitas Magel May 20th, 2015

Founded seven years ago in Cape Town, South Africa, Yola specializes in building websites of every kind in 12 different languages. With such a vast international presence, Yola needed reliable, high-performance DNS. CEO Trevor Harries-Jones recently spoke to Neustar about how our UltraDNS provided his company with the reliability it needed to support all 10 million Yola sites. Read Full Article


Reusable Code in Your Selenium Scripts

by Tyler Fullerton May 19th, 2015

There are two ways that you can (currently) incorporate reusable code into your scripts. The first is by using the File object to store your JavaScript and then read the file content into a variable and use eval() on the variable. The second approach is to use the CSVTable object to store predefined functions and their parameter lists and then import them into strings and finally create Function objects out of them. Read Full Article


Five Reasons to Join Us at the Neustar Security Summit

by Margee Abrams May 11th, 2015

In the heart of San Francisco on May 21, Neustar will be hosting a couple of hundred friends and colleagues for our annual security summit. With the theme of “Everyday Heroes,” this event is aimed at fueling the superpowers of those charged with the IT security of their enterprises. Read Full Article


Video: Neustar Interviewed at RSA Conference 2015

by Nikitas Magel May 01st, 2015

RSA Conference 2015 has come and gone—but the afterglow has been lasting. The climax for Neustar was undoubtedly the release of our 2015 US DDoS Attacks and Protection report, which revealed some surprising insights about the current state of cyberattacks and how US companies are responding to them. In an interview about the report, our very own Margee Abrams, Director of Product Marketing in IT/Security, discussed its key findings with Michael Gee of Information Security Media Group. Read Full Article


Webinar: Why DDoS Attacks Are a More Serious Threat Than Ever

by Nikitas Magel April 29th, 2015

Take an in-depth look at how companies are ramping up their DDoS protection tactics and why they are working. Join Margee Abrams, Director of Product Marketing for Neustar, as she discusses the latest DDoS attack trends and how to defend against them. Read Full Article