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Webinar: "I Don’t Trust Your Brand Because..."

by Nikitas Magel October 13th, 2015

Building digital trust among consumers is critical in today’s highly competitive marketplace. But according to new research, that trust can be sabotaged by factors ranging from a poor website experience to perceived security lapses. On Tuesday, October 27 at 2:00 pm ET, Neustar will host a webinar about what truly matters to website visitors—and what these insights mean to your brand. Join us for a discussion on how security, performance, and marketing issues can negatively influence the customer experience. Read Full Article


The .NYC Internet Domain Turns One

by Lori Anne Wardi October 08th, 2015

The City of New York is celebrating a special anniversary. One year ago today, the city opened public access to the “.nyc” Internet domain extension, giving New Yorkers the ability to have a web address that was uniquely their own. The exclusive advantage became an official way for the city’s businesses and residents to brand their identity online and showcase their location as a key to their success. Read Full Article


IDC Interviews Neustar on Latest DDoS Report

by Nikitas Magel October 07th, 2015

Following closely on the release of our Global DDoS Report, market research firm IDC interviewed Neustar’s Joe Loveless on the current state of wordwide cyberthreats. During the conversation, a sobering theme quickly emerged: It’s no longer a question of whether or when a company will experience a DDoS attack; the real question is how often. The reality is now, quite simply, that “breach is a foregone conclusion.” Read Full Article


We're Moving Forward. You Coming?

by Sean Kaine October 06th, 2015

New TLDs have incredible potential: helping brands create real-time marketing campaigns, personalizing consumer interactions across every channel, and instilling a deeper level of consumer trust. The Golden Age of the Internet is just beginning. Read Full Article


Five Tips for Enhanced DNS Reliability and Security

by Brendon Mitchell October 05th, 2015

Despite the constantly evolving threat of DNS attacks, many IT professionals are taking a status quo approach to DNS security and performance. But that could be a costly mistake. Five simple steps you can take will reduce the risk of website availability and security issues. Read Full Article