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We're Moving Forward. You Coming?

by Sean Kaine October 06th, 2015

New TLDs have incredible potential: helping brands create real-time marketing campaigns, personalizing consumer interactions across every channel, and instilling a deeper level of consumer trust. The Golden Age of the Internet is just beginning. Read Full Article


Five Tips for Enhanced DNS Reliability and Security

by Brendon Mitchell October 05th, 2015

Despite the constantly evolving threat of DNS attacks, many IT professionals are taking a status quo approach to DNS security and performance. But that could be a costly mistake. Five simple steps you can take will reduce the risk of website availability and security issues. Read Full Article


The Credit Card Fraud Shell Game

by Travis Abercrombie October 01st, 2015

It’s October 1, and if you’re like most Americans, you either have or will soon receive a new card in the mail that has a data-encrypted EMV chip. The EMV chip, already in-use overseas, is being used domestically at a time when companies are searching for ways to crack down on fraud and elevate the security associated with their brand. But reigning in fraud is like playing a shell game – once you think you’ve identified the target, the opposition adroitly moves and attempts to stay ahead. With that analogy in mind, it’s anticipated that fraudsters will move more of their illegal activities from point-of-purchase to the anonymity of online, as has been witnessed in countries that have already adopted EMV. Read Full Article


Worldwide DDoS Attacks: Persistent Threats, Compounding Impact

by Nikitas Magel October 01st, 2015

There’s a chilling new trend occurring in the realm of cyberwarfare. Once infrequent or isolated events, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more common against the same companies worldwide as perpetrators intensify their online aggressions. This clear, present, and persistent danger was revealed in research summarized in Neustar’s latest DDoS Attacks and Prevention Report, released this week. Read Full Article


The Internet of Things: Why Should CMOs Care?

by Lisa Joy Rosner September 30th, 2015

The Internet of Things is creating a lot of chatter—the loudest of it on social media. Marketing leaders can stand to gain a great deal from what movers and shakers in IoT have to say. Find out more from the upcoming report, Social Insights: Internet of Things, which summarizes the Twitter activity of 300 executives, practitioners, and thought leaders in IoT. Read Full Article