"Internet of Things" Articles

Neustar IoT Releases New Tools for OCF Discovery and Device Onboarding

by Callie Holderman December 14th, 2016

Neustar IoT releases two new programs, Neudev and LostPuppy, to aid with OCF discovery and secure onboarding. Neudev is a client tool that forms the first point-of-contact with OCF/OIC IoT devices. LostPuppy is a simple server template for a secure OIC device. Read Full Article

Has IoT Pushed Cybersecurity To Its Breaking Point?

by Rodney Joffe October 18th, 2016

Unsecured IoT devices have recently been used to manufacture massive DDoS attacks. Is this the tipping point most cybersecurity experts said would occur? Read Full Article

Revenge of the IoToys

by Neustar Engineering October 05th, 2016

Internet-connected toys might be on the wish list this year, but be careful before you purchase. Thanks to IoT, your toy could come back to haunt you - and others! Read Full Article

Supporting DTLS and CoAP in Your Cipher Suite

by Callie Holderman October 04th, 2016

Neustar, a leading provider of information and security services, is expanding its offerings in IoT. In conjunction with OCF, Neustar's contributions to their single, open specification enable IoT devices to communicate across the ecosystem. Our goal is to develop a simple, quick onboarding workflow for OIC. Read Full Article

Open Source is the Smart Choice for Smart Home Design

by Callie Holderman September 25th, 2016

Neustar welcomed Kai Kreuzer, founder of OpenHAB and Project Lead for Eclipse SmartHome, to speak on open source frameworks for smart home management. OpenHAB and Eclipse SmartHome address the consumer need to have a single platform for home automation. Read Full Article