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The Easy Way to Offer SiteProtect

  • Gain a new revenue stream with minimal investment
  • Give your customers protection against growing DDoS attacks
  • Build market share and customer loyalty
  • Grow with a trusted partner

DDoS attacks are in the news every day, growing in popularity, size and sophistication. They can happen at any time, to any company. According to recent studies, a successful DDoS attack can cost enterprises up to $100K an hour and cause incalculable damage to customer confidence and brand reputation. Traditional protection isn’t enough – you need intelligent protection to match today’s smart attacks.

Now you can offer Neustar SiteProtect, our market-leading DDoS mitigation service, through a simple,  no-commitment referral program where you share in the revenue for the lifetime of your customer.

How it Works

The Neustar Strategic Alliance Program awards partners with a percentage of the revenue over the lifetime of referred customers. Simply promote the SiteProtect service and complete a form when you have an interested customer. It’s that easy!

The SiteProtect Advantage

To stop today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks, your customers need more than just technology. Neustar’s highly trained experts are their single most powerful weapon. We offer intelligent protection: proprietary methodologies, years of hands-on experience and yes, best-of-breed mitigation technologies.

Only Neustar has the expertise to blend the right technologies to stop today’s complex DDoS attacks fast. We’ve got your customers covered with the people, processes and technology to keep their sites up when the bad guys try to knock them down.

  • Stops attacks in minutes to minimize revenue losses and customer impact
  • Cleans bad traffic in the cloud, away from your customer’s network
  • Backed by 24/7 Security Operations Center team
  • On-demand service lets customers control costs