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Localeze’s Local Search Platform Network Reaches Nearly 150 Authorized Partners

Feb 8, 2012

Local, Mobile, Social Platforms Invest in Strategic Relationship with Localeze for Business Listing Identity Management

Sterling, Va. – Localeze, a Neustar service and a trusted business listings identity management provider for local search, announced that its network of authorized, local search platform partners has grown to almost 150. Localeze provides the standardization of organic local search listings needed to create a consistent, unbiased anchor identity for businesses, including name, address and phone number (NAP), and distribute that information through direct, contracted relationships with local search, mobile and social platforms. Localeze also enables businesses to claim and improve their listings in its Enhanced Business Registry, which contains built-in best practices to ensure consistent and quality data.

"Today, search platforms are struggling with multiple sources of conflicting, inaccurate organic listings. Local, mobile and social search platforms view Localeze as a strategic long-term partner, integral to their business as we help alleviate the business listings identity management crisis that is permeating the marketplace,” said Jeff Beard, president, Localeze. “Localeze is known as the trusted source of complete, accurate, unbiased and perpetually validated local business listings data. Ultimately, it’s all about quality - data quality and the quality of the distribution network."

Members of the Localeze Authorized Local Search Platform Partner Network have direct, contracted relationships with Localeze for organic business listing feeds, which ensures data consistency and accuracy across all partner sites. Platform partners – including major search engines, local online search directories, vertical local search engines, social networking sites, mobile applications and navigational platforms – rely on Localeze’s proprietary automated process of managing and enhancing more than 14 million listings. Localeze also allows businesses to take control of their online identity with a new level of access, governance and consistency.

“Local search platforms depend on us today more than ever to provide a sustainable, unbiased, high quality solution to the problem of organic business listing inaccuracies,” added Beard.

About Localeze
Localeze is the trusted business listings identity management provider for local search. As a trusted partner, Localeze maintains direct, authorized relationships with local search platforms, national and regional brands, channel partners and local businesses. The service provides businesses essential tools to verify, manage and enhance the identity of their local listings across the Web. Through these relationships and access to authoritative local business information, Localeze is a trusted provider of enhanced online local business listings in the local search industry. Localeze is a Neustar Service headquartered in Sterling, Va.

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