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David Greenberg and Stacy Jolna, Ford and TiVo Veterans, Join the Board of MarketShare Partners

Oct 14, 2008

“I am passionate about marketing ROI and accountability, and have been responsible for leading best practices in this space," said David Greenberg. “The unique approaches I've seen from MarketShare Partners are the most advanced on the market. I'm pleased to help this company with its continued rapid growth."

“The media industry is undergoing massive changes, and MSP's tools and models are the most sophisticated solutions I've come across to help publishers and marketers adjust to these big changes", states Stacy Jolna. “I'm thrilled to be joining the board."

“David and Stacy are opinion and thought leaders in their respective industries, and we are very pleased to have their wisdom represented on our board," said Jon Vein, Managing Partner of MarketShare Partners. “Our goal has been to build a team of seasoned business operators and industry leaders to help us to continue our development and deployment of the world's most advanced solutions for marketing ROI."

MarketShare Partners is the leading marketing sciences firm focused on strategic models and tools that drive resource allocation optimization, marketing ROI and effectiveness. Serving global brands – including nearly half of the Fortune 50 - from seven locations, MSP is expert at developing dynamic and econometric models to quantify interactions between all business drivers that impact revenue - not simply marketing or media drivers and well beyond simple media mix modeling. MSP has also developed a suite of advanced expert systems for marketers, media companies and marketing agencies, helping guide better decision-making through the latest in marketing science.

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