Neustar employees are our most valuable asset.

We established the Distinguished Engineers and Fellows Program to recognized our technologists’ accomplishments and to support their continued professional development. To be recognized as either a Fellow or Distinguished Engineer, candidates are evaluated by a panel of decision makers comprised of Neustar Senior Leaders as well as current Fellow and Distinguished Engineers.

Neustar Fellows

Neustar’s technology experts are leaders who have achieved professional distinction and have major contributions to Neustar and the wider community. Neustar’s Fellows include:

Rodney Joffe photo

Rodney Joffe

Mr. Joffe has been a sought-after cybersecurity expert who, among other notable accomplishments, leads the Conficker Working Group to protect the world from the Conficker worm. Providing guidance and knowledge to organizations from the United States government to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Mr. Joffe is a pioneer in the domain name system (DNS) and cybersecurity markets and has demonstrated his expertise in developing new solutions at Neustar such as NeuSentry.

Tom McGarry photo

Tom McGarry

Mr. McGarry, who has been with Neustar since 1998, has been critical in moving the telecommunications industry to number pooling and driving the development of a new solution for routing telephone numbers on the Internet. Embodying the true spirit of Neustar leadership, Mr. McGarry served as interim CTO to help transform the organization into a driving force of forward-thinking, innovative technology and research.

Jon Peterson photo

Jon Peterson

Mr. Peterson’s deep knowledge base in both traditional telephony protocols and Internet technology has helped Neustar bridge the gap between the two, resulting in new product possibilities that play to it’s core competencies. Through his work as the Area Director of IETF’s Transport and RAI Areas and the Internet Engineering Steering Group, Mr. Peterson has firmly established his reputation as an extremely knowledgeable technologist leading tasks that are critical to the future of the Internet.

Neustar Distinguished Engineers

Like Fellows, Neustar’s Distinguished Engineers are recognized experts in their fields and have a broad scope of technical knowledge. As such, their expertise and skills are critical to the success of the company.

Neustar’s Distinguished Engineers include:

Jay Buckler, a known thought leader in the implementation and uses of Database Open Source technologies.  He is instrumental in implementing enhancements to databases which enabled them to handle larger data volumes and improve performance.

Peter Davis, an established thought leader within the identity management community and is Neustar’s key subject matter expert on identity, security and privacy.

Ralph Holmes, a recognized company leader with in-depth knowledge and experience in event-driven, message-based and polling architectures that deliver very flexible solutions that has supported over twenty major customers.

Hubert Le Van Gong, an expert in data security and privacy, identity management and content protection.  Hubert’s role spans multiple areas within the company and covers many activities like domain expertise, project management, customer facing responsibilities and corporate strategy.

Huan Lu, an expert in building, growing, managing and securing the network and information security infrastructure, built the original proprietary network to support the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC), which enables the routing of phone calls and text messages for the telecommunications industry.

Jim Rooks is recognized within the Local Number Portability Administration (LNPA) Working Group as the definitive source of technical information about the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC.)

Brian Rosen, a public safety expert in public safety systems, primarily the 9-1-1 system where he heavily influenced the design of the support of the VoIP in the current 9-1-1 system.

Nick Salem is an industry leading expert in database, geo-spatial and application development. He led the development and deployment of Neustar's ElementOne Platform, including designing and building the core framework and key engine components.

Craig Schmackpfeffer has been a principal architect of the TARGUSinfo/NIS systems for the past 15 years. His contributions range from creating the CNAM SCP, to building out delivery networks with colos, to putting software on STPs and cell phones, and to applications like Routing, AdAdvisor and Localeze. The CNAM SCP with a nationwide database and secondary dipping revolutionized the CNAM industry. He is a strong engineer who is willing to help out in any area and provides innovative approaches to solving problems.