Media Intelligence

It’s time to lose the silos. Bring all your marketing data together on one platform and gain the insights to buy the right media and deliver it to the right audience. Neustar Media Intelligence gives you real-time predictive insights, connecting offline and online data so you can measure campaigns—across all media and audiences in a single view.

Neustar Media Intelligence offers two powerful solutions:

AK Media Insights
Combine both media and audience data in a single platform. Measure campaign performance across all channels, including Facebook, and effectively allocate media dollars to increase reach and drive new sales.

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AK Closed Loop
Measure performance of exposed versus unexposed audiences to media. Attribute actual leads or sales conversions to exposed audiences of campaigns. Connect customer touch points, understand online influence on both online and offline sales.

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Combine Neustar Media Intelligence with our Customer Intelligence and Activation/Targeting solutions for a complete portrait of your customers and a personalized, multi-channel dialogue.

Discover how your business can gain from our expertise in media intelligence.

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