IP Intelligence & Geolocation

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Need to geo-locate a specific IP?

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Trusted Technologies
We utilize patented, proprietary technologies to ensure complete and accurate IP data collection, tracking and mapping routable IP addresses worldwide.

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Verified Processes
Every year, a Big Four auditing firm verifies our methods, both our automated and human processes.

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World-Class Support
Enterprise customers are assigned a dedicated Customer Success manager, who assists with the implementation of IP data and answers all account-related questions. Our Professional Services experts are available pre- and post-sale to provide assistance with data integration and analytics.


Neustar IP Intelligence Helps You:

Optimize your site with website personalization
Display market-specific offers, pricing and visuals to increase time on site and drive conversions.

Comply with geographical restrictions
Avoid selling products or taking wagers in prohibited areas.


Reduce online fraud
Identify threats in online financial transactions, user registration, ad click and network traffic based on the “Risk Score” of that IP address. Compare IP addresses with billing addresses of credit cards in process. Flag suspicious transactions and protect your bottom line.

Protect content with digital rights management
Manage rights for streaming content and comply with blackout rules on major sporting events and other licensed content.


Target online advertising
Target ads by location, industry and business. Improve response with customized offers and creative. Reduce wasted impressions and get measurable results.

Analyze web traffic
Evaluate traffic in real time and complement your existing website analytics. Further segment traffic and gain insight into customer behavior.

Privacy Matters

Neustar’s IP solution is privacy-compliant. Our data provides IP intelligence without tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. Our IP address data relies on aggregated IP data collected and verified through proprietary technologies and processes to provide location. IP addresses are assigned and reassigned by Internet Service Providers and companies regularly.