Customer Targeting/Activation

Still relying solely on demographics to define your audiences? It’s time for a richer view of the online buyers who want your products. With Neustar Audiences, use the most trusted offline data from hundreds of sources and reap the benefits of portable, cross-platform targeting.

Leverage Verified Offline Data
Thanks to the most authoritative consumer information available, use real-time insights to reach the audiences you need.

Target Accurately and at Scale
Comprehensive identifiers—name, address, phone number and much more—let Neustar match data at unprecedented scale.

Personalize Engagement
Best Buy or WALMART? Modern Family or COPS? Know your customers better to personalize the dialogue.

Get a Complete View of Audience Behaviors
Know which audiences have the highest propensity to buy your product or service. Know if they shop online or in stores. Get the whole picture.


Learn how your business can gain from our expertise in activating customer and media intelligence.

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