IT/Security Professional Services

Security & Vulnerability Assessment

  • Understand your network better
  • Uncover and evaluate risks
  • Be fully prepared to protect your network and applications

A Comprehensive Approach

Technologies, business processes and security threats evolve. So does the vulnerability of your business networks. That’s why Neustar Professional Services offers a series of detailed security and vulnerability assessments of your Internet infrastructure, both internal and public-facing. In each assessment we conduct a full system analysis, including interviews with your staff, ranking your vulnerabilities, citing best practices and making recommendations for efficient troubleshooting.

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The Foundation: Network Assessment

To gain baseline knowledge, start with a network assessment.

  • Better understand your network and identify threats
  • Covers your network and systems infrastructure, plus external and internal applications
  • Also examines change management processes, security policies and more

A Deeper Look: Vulnerability Assessment

Building on your network assessment, we can also perform a security-focused vulnerability assessment.

  • Gain a clearer picture of your overall network security
  • Identify attack vectors
  • Verify that security policies meet best practices

Required for penetration testing.

Ultimate Peace of Mind: Penetration Testing

Using the same sophisticated tools and tactics as cyber criminals, we’ll attempt to exploit your applications and network infrastructure.

  • Focuses on risks found in vulnerability assessment
  • Uncovers additional security risks
  • Outlines ways to prevent real threats