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Psychographics: A Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

by Nikitas Magel February 23rd, 2015

The key motive driving any marketer’s interest in analytics is to understand and predict consumer behavior. To that end, different types of data are gathered and analyzed, among which are those that describe the profile of a shopper. Characteristics such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, marital status, and household income are essential for customer segmentation and targeting. But demographic data has its limitations. The effects of marketing on the choices and behavior of shoppers is psychological and therefore more deeply measured by a very different category of data known as psychographics. Read Full Article


5 Ways to Sharpen Your Audience Targeting

by Nikitas Magel February 18th, 2015

How are marketing leaders optimizing their campaigns? They practice five methods in audience targeting that enable them to focus campaigns, lift media ROI, cement consumer relationships, and ultimately drive sales. Read about these methods in Neustar's newly released ebook, "5 Ways to Sharpen Your Audience Targeting." Read Full Article


Neustar Releases 2015 Media Intelligence Report

by Nikitas Magel February 10th, 2015

On Tuesday, February 10, Neustar released its annual Media Intelligence Report. The report delivers authoritative performance data vital to agencies and advertisers alike—along with insightful analysis of the reasons behind the trends. Read Full Article


The Super Social Bowl

by Todd Wilms January 30th, 2015

The question then of "Who is going to win?" is no longer relegated to the two teams, but to advertisers, brands, and even consumers. With over $2.19B spend on advertising over the last decade, the stakes are super high. Relying on intuition as to how to connect your brand to your consumer around the big game is no longer an option. Read Full Article


Cross-Device Data Management Platforms as the Unifying Layer in the AdTech Stack

by Mano Pillai January 26th, 2015

Marketers are always looking for ways to better target and measure their prospects. To that end, because of the proliferation and fragmentation of mobile devices, marketers increasingly demand the ability to link devices belonging to a single user. As a result, the technology to connect consumer identity across devices is becoming an integral part of effective advertising that targets the right user at the right time across all digital touch points. Read Full Article