Neustar Named #6 on Daily Worth's List of 25 Best Companies for Women

November 19th, 2014 by Nikitas Magel

DailyWorth has published its list of 25 Best Companies for Women and Neustar is proud to say that we’ve been ranked #6! Along with major brands like Kohl’s, Facebook, Yahoo, Gap, and IBM, we’re thrilled to have been recognized for our upward mobility and culture of support for woman. Read Full Article

Dodging the Fiery Flames: Four Ways for Retail Security to Minimize DDoS and Online Fraud

November 12th, 2014 by Laura Talley

Is the world going to hell, and fast, for retail security professionals? Sure. Between malware, fraud and DDoS, you’ve got a full menu of nightmares. But a little perspective, please: the world’s been going to hell since Eve munched the apple. Sometimes, a few practical steps can prevent full-on disaster. In a recent Internet Retailer special report on security, experts offered the following tips to keep your business safer. Read Full Article

Best Practices for Amazon Web Services: Considerations for AWS–EC2 DDoS Mitigation

November 06th, 2014 by Raymond

By protecting your AWS EC2 virtualized computing platform with a cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution, you’ll be prepared if and when DDoS attackers target your EC2 hosted environment. Read Full Article

Poor Collaboration Leaves Banks Vulnerable to Cyber Threat

November 05th, 2014 by Nikitas Magel

Cyber attacks in the financial industry are becoming not only increasingly common but also more aggressive and damaging to the reputation of their victims. The two-pronged approach of collaboration and simulation is key to empowering banks against these attacks and minimizing their fallout. Read Full Article

Four Lessons We’ve Learned About DDoS Protection

November 04th, 2014 by Skip Smith

The world of DDoS is analogous to a war, with attackers and defenders always seeking to gain an edge. For every new attack technique the defenders must respond, and each side is continuously looking for an advantage. Gathering relevant and timely information becomes mission critical for DDoS protection. At the Neustar Security Operations Center (SOC), it’s also important to work closely with our allies – specifically, our customers. Read Full Article

A Five-Step Checklist to Protect Your Brand in DDoS Season

September 18th, 2014 by Susan Warner

Get a five-step checklist to protect your brand from DDoS attacks during the upcoming holiday season. Read Full Article

Research: High-Tech Companies Feel the Growing Impact of DDoS Attacks

June 27th, 2014 by Susan Warner

According to the Neustar 2014 DDoS Attacks and Impact Report, the impact of DDoS in the high-tech industry has widened considerably. Read Full Article

3 Questions to Ask Your DNS Host About DDoS

June 19th, 2014 by Link King

As DDoS attacks increase in frequency and size, here are 3 key questions you should be asking your DNS provider. Read Full Article

The Top Threats to Your nTLD & How to Stop Them

June 17th, 2014 by Jeff Neuman

As the largest nTLD technical registry provider in the world, Neustar is able to ensure your new TLD is fully protected from the moment it goes live. Read Full Article

Mid-sized DDoS attacks have tripled. And they pack a punch.

June 05th, 2014 by Susan Warner

DDoS attacks from 1-5 Gbps have tripled in the last year, according to the recently released 2014 Neustar Annual DDoS Attacks and Impact Report. Read Full Article