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Dodging the Fiery Flames: Four Ways for Retail Security to Minimize DDoS and Online Fraud

Is the world going to hell, and fast, for retail security professionals? Sure. Between malware, fraud and DDoS, you’ve got a full menu of nightmares. But a little perspective, please: the world’s been going to hell since Eve munched the apple. Sometimes, a few practical steps can prevent full-on disaster. In a recent Internet Retailer special report on security, experts offered the following tips to keep your business safer.

Best Practices for Amazon Web Services: Considerations for AWS–EC2 DDoS Mitigation

By protecting your AWS EC2 virtualized computing platform with a cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution, you’ll be prepared if and when DDoS attackers target your EC2 hosted environment.

Poor Collaboration Leaves Banks Vulnerable to Cyber Threat

Cyber attacks in the financial industry are becoming not only increasingly common but also more aggressive and damaging to the reputation of their victims. The two-pronged approach of collaboration and simulation is key to empowering banks against these attacks and minimizing their fallout.


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TCPA Compliance Violations - Is Your Company at Risk?

Watch this webinar to hear from Neustar's Chief Privacy Officer Becky Burr as she interprets TCPA compliance law and the current regulatory landscape.